Zipping through a Monday

Wow, can’t believe we’re already on the fourth week of school and I have yet to write my humongous post about Jamaine’s first day.

Things are zipping by and I’m grateful that the progress updates from my girl’s teacher are getting better and better.

Whenever I ask Jamaine how school was, she’d always say she had a lot of fun.

They’ve been doing some arts and crafts, telling lots of stories and singing lots of new songs. One time, they even had a fireman come over to learn about emergencies and who responds to them. Jamaine said she got to ride on the fire truck. ;)

This week, they’re going to have a class picnic featuring all their favorite foods. I’m excited to see what they’re up to next.

In a few month’s time, they’ll make Halloween invitations and costumes, then Christmas decors and gifts. New Year, Valentine’s, vacation then another school year… well, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m just happy she’s adjusting very well and I can’t wait for Kalia to go to school too.

She’s been tagging along everyday and she’s excited to be a student herself. But she knows she can go when she turns four.

Good thing I’m sort of becoming a full time mom for the next few weeks while I shift to another exciting career. I get to be with my big girl every step of the way. Amazing times ahead!


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