Super sleuths!

Jamaine has a new fascination: the Super Sleuths!

She happened to watch two episodes of “My Friends Tigger and Pooh” where Tigger, Pooh and Dorothy turned into super sleuths to solve a case. As with anything she is fascinated, Jamaine has been watching the two stories over and over, so much that she asked to have her own magnifying glass. That’s what the super sleuths use when they are working on a case.

The other day, I went to the kingdom of all toys to look for a magnifying glass. I found a section devoted to children’s spy gear and spy gadgets. There were binoculars, spy cameras, night vision goggles, surveillance gear, security glasses — everything to arm a super spy, but there were no magnifying glasses in sight for my little super sleuth.

Finally, I asked assistance from the sales lady who managed to find a small magnifying glass in one of the racks. Apparently, most kids like the high tech stuff so the old-fashioned magnifying glass only has a small supply. It didn’t even look close to a real magnifying glass because the handle was made of see – through plastic and the glass only had small magnifying power. But it had to do.

Now whenever Jamaine watches the super sleuths, she uses her magnifying glass to search for clues. She’s amazed at how things look a bit bigger when she uses it. It’s a good thing she gets fascinated with “old school” play. Yesterday, I saw a bunch of kids all glued to their PSPs. While high tech toys are nice, I think the good ‘ole toys are still tops when it comes to fun and learning.

First there was Dora, then the Super Sleuths, I wonder what she will be fascinated with next. ;)


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