Saturday adventures

It’s a lazy Saturday today, but wonderful nonetheless. We’ve holed up in the bedroom watching Dora, Diego and Barbie movies.

Our outing is limited to the sari-sari store at the corner to buy some chips and to the garage to play a pretend fiesta.

If I knew how to drive, we could probably go out but I haven’t had the time to study until now. My friend A told me driving lessons don’t really help much, not to mention they’re expensive.

Just give me a practice vehicle like this and maybe I can learn without fear of wrecking an expensive car

I found this photo from

Remember Mater from the movie Cars? Seems like a sturdy vehicle enough to survive a crash or two. ;)

Then maybe when I learn, I can drive something like this.

Just borrowed the photo from

Don’t know exactly what it is but I’ve always been curious what it’s like to drive a top down car. Barbie always rides top down cars. Haha… ;)

I’m generally a calm person but I don’t know yet how I’ll fare in a jungle like Edsa.

In the meantime, my girls and I will just ride our imaginary cars to wherever their imaginations take us. Anyway, I have to go, my little driver is calling and she tells me we’re ready to go to the king’s castle on top of the tallest mountain. ;)

Happy weekend!


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