I’ve been establishing a morning routine for the past weeks that includes visualization and meditation. But instead of listening to instrumental music, I am listening to paraliminals.


There’s a comprehensive definition from the Learning Strategies site. But basically, when you listen to paraliminals, you will hear two different messages at the same time: one for each ear. Now if you try this, you will find it a challenge to listen and understand both messages. Most of the time, you will find yourself choosing which message to listen to at that given moment and just allow the other message to sink in.

For example, when I listen to the Prosperity Paraliminals , the voice in my left ear tells me to imagine a peaceful setting with a stream dotted by gold coins and sparkling gems while the voice on my right ear tells me to focus on my wealth goals and to feel that I am already enjoying the wealth I desire.

When I tried this for the first time, I felt a little panicked and confused because I had the tendency to try and digest both messages in the paraliminals. But with practice, I soon learned to relax and just let the message flow.

Relaxation is actually the most important key because then your mind becomes receptive to the positive messages and good vibrations. The main purpose of paraliminals is to accelerate learning and enhance brain power. It uses a combination of nature sounds, guided imagery and spoken word to train the brain to think in a certain way. There are different kinds of paraliminals depending on your needs. Some of them are:

  1. Memory Supercharger Paraliminal
  2. Focus and Concentration Paraliminal
  3. Youthful Vitality Paraliminal
  4. Living the Law of Attraction Paraliminal
  5. You Deserve It! Paraliminal

Do paraliminals work?

peace I have only been doing paraliminals for a few weeks but they have worked for me in different ways:

It helps me to focus. I’ve tried traditional guided meditations with breathing exercises as well as instrumentals, but the difficulty always lies in quieting the mind completely and focusing on the meditation. In this aspect, I feel that paraliminals are more effective because, even though there are two voices speaking at the same time, I can manage to focus on the one voice or message I choose.At work, I can train myself to focus more on what I’m doing even amid the newsroom noise around me.

It relaxes me very deeply. And I say very deeply with emphasis because it really does quiet my whole mind and body. I like how it guides you gently in a meditative state. You don’t even have to bother if you’re breathing correctly because you’ll be so relaxed, everything flows naturally.

I used to do this first thing in the morning, when I wake up around 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. (depending on how rested I was the day before). But I would feel so relaxed that I would often fall asleep again and wake up with just enough time to prepare for the office. So I decided to shake things up and do my paraliminals last, when the sun’s already up, so that after doing it I’ll be relaxed but not totally sleepy.

I’ve tried doing this before bedtime, and just like my morning experience, I felt so relaxed I slept soundly that night too. Not medical advice, but I think listening to paraliminals could help you sleep better and feel more rested after you wake up.

One day at work, I needed a boost in energy and focus. I paused on my desk and listened to a 10 minute paraliminal. It felt so good to completely relax even for just 10 minutes. I was able to tune out all the noise and negative vibes in the office. After that I felt more energized and focused to tackle the remaining work of the day.

It helps me think more positively. Listening to the Prosperity Paraliminals didn’t cause a big wave of money to magically come to me. But it does help me maintain a prosperity consciousness. Whenever I have lack thoughts and money worries, I shift my attention to the mental image evoked during my paraliminal sessions: a flowing stream filled with all the wealth imaginable.

I hear the messages echoing in my head reminding me that I can tap into the wealth of the Universe and I can have abundance now if I choose to. Abundance does not always mean having so much money in your wallet but more of a feeling of contentment and gratitude for the things you already have. And whenever, I think about it, I do realize I am blessed to have everything I need and most of the things I want plus so much more.

I cannot quantify this in terms of a dramatic inflow of cash just yet. This is something that takes constant practice. But I noticed that the “paycheck-to-paycheck” tendency is gone. Now I always have money. When I check my online accounts, I notice that I’ve been earning money in avenues I did not expect. Plus I’ve been getting a lot of online earning opportunities. I do notice that the more content and grateful I am, the more blessings I receive.

Who is this good for?

relax Paraliminals are good for people who wish to meditate and experience inner peace. If you’re going through a stressful time and you want to relax more, this will definitely help.

If you want to train your brain to think more positively and to focus on empowering thoughts, the paraliminal messages can help infuse your mind with powerful ideas and vivid imagery you can turn to when the toxic thoughts come.

Paraliminals can implant new beliefs in your mind so you’ll feel more calm, confident and secure. This is not for people who want a quick fix to their emotional problems or a magical solution to their financial problems.

Paraliminals do not contain power or magic in themselves. The biggest benefit you’ll get from paraliminals is that gentle guidance for you to tap into your own power and use it to have self-confidence, peace of mind and wealth.

How do you meditate?


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