O Christmas tree

whitechristmastreeI remember when we were young we’d have the Christmas tree set up around this time of the year. My brother and I would take turns putting up the decors on the pines. We would even hang old socks by the window waiting for “Santa’s” gift.

I haven’t started that tradition yet with our girls. I’ve actually been avoiding placing any kind of decor in the house because they like to push, pull and tinker a lot.

Still there’s something about seeing Christmas decors that puts an instant cheer in the atmosphere. I’m thinking maybe we could hang a lantern or a wreath really high up. Or maybe we could get a tiny Christmas tree that the kids could play with.

Maybe next year when both of my girls are older (and more open to follow instruction like “keep the Christmas tree standing”), we’ll get one of those white artificial Christmas trees. I’m sure Jamaine and Kalia would have a blast putting up Christmas balls, chubby angels and little stars on it.

Photo by: Yumi


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