Hello May!

Thank God it’s Saturday!:)

It’s been a busy week with meetings and presentations. I’m so thankful we’re getting a three-day break because of the Monday holiday.

Can you believe it’s already May? Wow, one more month to go to enjoy summer. And to enjoy time with hubby because he’s flying again in June. :(

Well I’m starting the month right by blogging. Allow me to have a brain dump just to get a clear head for the new month of May.

So how was your April like? It’s been an awesome month.

My April was off to a fun start with Jamaine’s birthday right smack on the first day of the month. She’s a big girl now and she’s growing more and more independent. She’s been into art lately, doing a lot of coloring and drawing. I love how she keeps talking about her teacher and school. I do hope she’ll like being in one next year.

Kernan and I were thinking if we should enroll her this year but I was apprehensive because I feel it’s too early. I mean, I enrolled in Kinder 2 when I was 5. There were no playschools then and I skipped the whole nursery and Kinder 1 thing altogether. I think Jamaine would do just fine starting school at 4.

April was also a month of promotions. Both hubby and I got promoted at work. I’m just so thankful we’ve got bosses who appreciate us and recognize our value. This upward movement gave a new dimension to my work and I’m excited about all the great possibilities ahead.

Of course, I still get that tug to find a way to work at home to be with the kids. And though I like my job, I actually thought back in January that I could whip something up so I can be off the 9 to 6 job by the middle of the year. But now I know there’s a reason why I’m still here. There’s still so much I can do and I’m gonna make it rock.

Looking back at my posts, getting back in shape was a major concern. I finally got the courage to get a measuring tape and see how much I need to work on. Thankfully, it’s still manageable. It’s the body issues that I need to manage more I guess. I just keep reminding myself to love my body and be thankful for what it does for me. I will definitely keep working out more and eating less this May. I’m keeping things realistic so I am aiming that by December, I gotta be one hot momma. ;)

Still organizing my goals for the month but I am bent on making this more productive than ever. I am going to accomplish more and keep moving forward to fulfill my goals.

But more than that, I’m gonna keep laughing more, loving more and living more. Awesome days ahead.

What are you gonna do more of this May?



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