Hairy problem

Yesterday, someone commented, “Grabe and kapal ng buhok mo. (Your hair is so thick.)” I said ‘commented’ because I’m not sure if the comment was meant to be good or bad.

Funny because I thought my hair is actually thinning. For the past months, I’ve been experiencing a lot of hair fall. And when I say “a lot,” I mean “so much hair covering the entire drain” a lot.

I first experienced hair fall after giving birth to my girls, which I read was supposed to be normal. But it seemed the hair fall problem didn’t entirely go away. The drain clogging quantity of hair strands is the same whether I use shampoo for hair lClose-up of top of bottle of shampoooss or regular shampoo.

I’ve been under a little stress lately, so that maybe a factor too. But sometimes I get worried that I’m getting bald spots because whenever I run my hand through my hair, there’s almost always one strand that goes with it.

With that comment, I guess my hair may be alright after all.

I’ve also been thinking of going for organic shampoos. Maybe the natural ingredients would be kinder to my hair. But that would have to wait until my current shampoo runs out. Any tips about good organic hair fall shampoos?


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